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To all the home decor enthusiasts:

Ready to replace your outdated, worn-out sofa with a stylish new model that truly serves your relaxation needs? 

This comprehensive sofa buying guide covers all the bases. From measuring your space to sofa materials, functionality, and budget tips.

Follow our advice to narrow down your preferred sofa size, configuration, features and accessories. Arm yourself with in-depth knowledge so you can confidently invest in a settee. This will be built to last for years of family movie nights, game days, and laidback lounging. 

Learn before you buy!

Measure Your Space

Before falling in love with any sofa sight unseen, carefully measure your room to understand realistic proportions. Factor in:

Beautiful design room in Buying sofa guide

Room Dimensions

Use a tape measure to capture room length, width and height. This determines maximum sofa size capacity. If your space features tricky architecture like bay windows or a corner fireplace, sketch your layout to scale.

Entry Points 

Note doorway locations and widths along with hall sizes leading into the living room. Outline stairwells or sharp corners as well. This identifies how to maneuver sofas during move-in.

Existing Furnishings 

Mark placements of all additional furnishings like Canadian coffee tables, accent chairs, media consoles and lamps. This helps visualize ideal sofa positioning within the current layout.

Canadian Coffee tables

Traffic Flow 

Map out natural walking paths and high traffic areas. Ensure enough clearance for opening doors and drawers once your sofa is arranged. Outline potential alternative layouts.

With detailed room dimensions, entry measurements, furniture mapping, and foot traffic patterns recorded, you can realistically assess sofa sizing.

Time for the fun part – selections!

Sofa Size & Configuration

Use your room analysis to determine space capacity. Consider:

Standard Dimensions

Traditional sofas span 78-86 inches long and 30-40 inches deep. Sectionals range 90-120+ inches. Loveseat sofas run 48-66 inches wide. Measure showroom models to get a feel for standard couch sizes.

Proportion & Fit  

Scale down for small rooms; oversized suites allow generous proportions. Float smaller sofas away from walls to avoid a cramped look. Ensure at least 18 inches behind and between pieces.

Depth & Comfort

Typical sofa depths are comfortable for most people's bodies when sitting normally. But if you like to fully stretch out your legs when lounging, standard depths may feel too short. Extra deep sofas provide more space to curl up or extend your legs.

However, make sure a deeper comfortable sofa will still leave enough empty floor space around it so the room does not feel crowded.


Beyond typical couch purchase, explore configurable sectional sofa designs with corner wedges, chaises, and ottomans. Measure all adjoining segments.

With mindful measurement factored with available configurations, determine the optimal sofa size and layout suited to your unique space.

Berre's Sectional sofas in Canada (black) in this picture

Upholstery Fabric & Color Choices of Sofas

Beyond structural size and shape decisions, dialing in upholstery details is imperative for both aesthetic design and practical maintenance.

Fabric Options 

  • Leather Sofa: Durable and supple but expensive. Requires regular conditioning.
  • Microfiber: Affordable, super soft, stain resistant and durable. Easy maintenance. 
  • Cotton: Natural fiber breathes well, ages beautifully but demands careful cleaning.
  • Polyester: Budget friendly, stain resistant and durable but can look cheap.
  • Linen: Natural material gets softer over time but wrinkles easily. Chic look.  
  • Velvet: Luxuriously soft with vibrant color. Shows wear plus marks and crushing. High maintenance.

Performance Fabrics: Bleach cleanable, waterproof, tear resistant options designed for families.

Color Considerations

  • Solid hues hide wear, stains and pet hair better than light colors or patterns. 
  • Neutrals like navy, gray and charcoal minimize noticeable dirt. 
  • Vibrant colors make bold statements but show wear over time.
  • Patterns help disguise everyday stains but limit future accessory pairing potential. 

Factor family dynamics, your overall home decor, and cleaning regimen when selecting sofa upholstery. Durability and maintenance considerations will guide best long term fabric sofa options.

Frame & Cushion Construction Quality

The internal framework and cushion composition dictate longevity and daily comfort. Seek out the following for sofa materials:

Kiln-Dried Hardwood Frame

Quality skeletons made of kiln-dried hardwoods (not soft pine) provide sturdy lifelong foundations built to support years of use. Pine breaks down quicker.

Double-Doweled Joinery

This premium joinery technique utilizes two dowels reinforced with glue on every wood joint for superior stability compared to cheaper staples or nails. 

Corner Blocks 

Internal hardwood blocks structurally reinforce 90 degree angles in frames to prevent loosening over years of use. It's a perfect sign of craftsmanship.

Sinuous Springs  

These S-shaped wires flex individually to contour precisely to sitters’ frames, providing consistent support. They are more expensive but better than basic coils.

Coil Gauge 

Lower coil counts indicate thicker, sturdier springs. 8-gauge coils are the gold standard but 6 gauge works too. Avoid 12+ gauge coils.

Foam Density

Higher density foams (1.8+ lbs) offer lasting cushioning and bounce back instead of flat compressed pads over time.

Attached Cushions 

Cushions tightly fastened to frames with velcro, clips or ties maintain shape and placement compared to loose cushions that slide and sag.

Removable Covers

Covers that unzip for machine washing preserve long term cleanliness and appearance. Look for moisture resistant inner linings too.

Scrutinize underlying builds for superior stability, longevity and comfort.

Styling & Customization Options

Personality-packed accents and modifications make sofas one-of-a-kind. Consider:

Silhouette Variations

Flared arms, track arms, tapered profiles, modular bumpers, roll arms and more provide distinctive shapes. Measure options to find the best fit.


Deeply textured tufted cushions and backs create elegant dimensions through artful button placements and reveal depths.


A tailored pleated base skirt neatly conceals under-workings for a polished finish.

Bolster Pillows 

Structured cylindrical neck rolls fill space along the top of back cushions for additional comfort and styling.


Customize depth, length and height during ordering for the perfect fit. Many models feature alteration potential too.

Sofa Materials 

Choose a tailored two tone look by selecting different bases, frames and accents like contrasting welting or nailhead trim.

Accent Pillows

Fun printed throw pillows inject personality and allow seasonal style shifting. Include a budget for these peppered-in pieces.

Settee Qualities: Features & Functions 

Seeking more than just charming looks? Multi-functional sofas add flexibility: 

Reclining Mechanisms

Power reclining sofas offer customized comfort through adjustable headrests, footrests and lumbar placements.Manual levers provide budget friendly simplicity without bells and whistles.

Sofa Beds Online

These transformative sofas feature fold-down mechanisms to form beds for overnight guests. Test comfort levels firsthand.


Customizable modular sectionals arranged to suit room layouts. Large sweeping corner sofa beds provide abundant seating real estate for gatherings. 

Storage Space

Lift-top coffee table ottomans, under bench drawers, and drop-down cup holders limit surrounding clutter while keeping essentials handy.

Power Supplies 

Integrated electrical outlets, pop-up USB ports, and LED lighting offer convenient device charging and ambient glows.

 Swivel Potential

Image entertaining guests without having to constantly rearrange! Spinning cushioned stools, rounded ottomans and armchairs enable effortless socializing.

Think ahead about which features would serve your family and home best. 

Budget & Value Considerations

Modern Sofas represent significant investments that pay off over years of everyday use when done wisely. Follow this value-focused guidance:

Prioritize Quality Construction

Sofas with sturdy kiln-dried hardwood frames, double doweled joints, corner blocks and sinuous spring supports are built to last decades despite slightly higher price tags.

Choose Performance Fabrics

Long term savings outweigh minor upcharges for stain resistant, bleach cleanable and durable microfiber or treated polyester upholsteries.

Comparison Shop 

Search a variety of online brands beyond physical showrooms. Filter by specifications to find best pricing on preferred constructions and fabrics. Berre Furniture offers the best Turkish style sofas in Canada without any hassle. Simply order online and boom! Your new modern sofa is at home in no time.

Wait for Sales

Timing big ticket purchases around major winter holiday sales, summer sales or clearance events can yield major savings on sofas. Set deal alerts! 

Weigh Cost Per Use

Divvy up sofa prices by the average number of hours lounging over expected functional years. The per-use cost shrinks for quality investments financed over time.

Make choices guided by enduring value over rock bottom sticker prices alone. A few extra dollars spent upfront prevents expensive replacements down the road while maximizing cozy returns on investment.

Measure Twice, Relax For Life

Armed with design specifications, feature wish lists, budget targets and value perspectives, you now hold all the keys to sofa buying confidence! 

Measure thoroughly. Inspect craftsmanship. Analyze fabrics. Assess configurations. Compare quotes. There are no shortcuts. But follow this sofa buying guide and rest assured your purchase decision aligns with practical and aesthetic vision.

Soon that delivery day will arrive along with the sweet satisfaction of finding your new lifelong sofa mate made to measure. One where years of memorable moments unfold. Settle in and savor every cozy minute. You’ve more than earned it after such careful shopping! 

To many more years of happy lounging ahead with Berre Furniture exclusive sale on sofa sets. Grab it now!