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Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary within the home and choosing furniture for bedroom is a daunting task. Outfitting it with luxury bed and bedding tailored to your needs and sensibilities enables relaxation.

Follow this bedroom furniture guide for expert advice spanning all furniture aspects – from beds and mattresses to storage and decorative accents. Transform your bedroom into a luxe oasis for restful nights and productive mornings with the right furnishings with us!

Bedroom Furniture Guide

Choosing the right bedroom furniture sets largely depends on space availability as well as intended utility within the room. Here are key furniture types to consider:

Beautiful Bedroom Furniture (white theme)

Beds: Centerpiece for Sleep

  • Choose between platform beds, four poster beds, canopy beds, sleigh beds, loft beds and more based on style preferences. 
  • Always be mindful of the factor in size, height and storage options. 
  • If you buy mattress online in Canada, look for a hybrid and latex or memory foam.
  • Invest in premium quality for both beds and mattresses to ensure years of comfortable sleeping.

Berre Furniture Scala Matress

Dressers: Stylish Storage Solutions 

  • Opt for spacious and well-organized dressers complemented by a mirror and stool for arranging daily outfits. 
  • Look for designs offering sufficient shelves, drawers and hanging space catered to wardrobe capacity needs. 
  • Include a clothing valet rack for garments requiring steaming.  

Nightstands: Bedside Essentials

  • Handy nightstands provide easy access to alarm clocks, phones, glasses, books and other bedtime essentials. 
  • Go for drawers to conceal clutter and manage the scattered little accessories. 
  • Purchase two matching bedside tables for symmetry.
  • Integrated lighting, power outlets and USB charging ports are value additions.

Seating: Relaxation Nooks 

  • Upgrade your space with cozy lounge chairs or padded benches to relax with a book. 
  • Choose sleek modern styles or ornate vintage armchairs based on room aesthetics. 
  • Place seating by windows to enjoy calming views or in corners to create intimate reading nooks.

Lighting: Function + Ambience

  • Illuminate spaces with multiple light sources for versatile functionality. 
  • Ambient overhead ceiling fixtures and table/floor lamps by seating areas allow safe navigation and tasks. 
  • Install dimmable lights for mood lighting. Add accent lamps to highlight architectural details and décor.  

Vintage Rugs: Warmth + Personality

  • Anchor key furniture pieces atop plush area rugs layered over carpeting or hardwood floors for visual definition and warmth. 
  • Choose patterns and material like wool or cotton complementing the room’s color theme. 
  • Rugs soften echoes and absorb sound for peaceful sleeping too.

Vintage Rugs

Tip: Create diagrams of bedroom floor plans to strategically map furniture placement catering to utility needs and traffic flow/access.

Bedroom Decor Tips and Trends

Furnishing your bedroom also involves making decorative choices ranging from color schemes to wall accents and textiles. Follow these creative tips tailored to current trends:

Color Psychology – Opt for cooler hues like serene blues, tranquil greens or soothing gray tones promoting relaxation and sleep. Match with warm metallic tones and textures for depth.

Focal Walls - Transform plain walls into stylish focal points with textured wallpaper, intricate wood paneling, brick veneers or painted murals based on room aesthetics.

Gallery Walls – Arrange an artistic gallery of large canvas prints, framed photos, paintings and mirrors on a full wall for bold impact. Make sure you maintain clean lines and uniformity.

Textures - Employ plush layers through bed linen, shag rugs carpets, velvet upholstery and cotton throws for cozying up zones and introducing depth.

Multifunctional Furniture – Our experts recommend to buy ottoman with hidden storage, benches with built-in shelves and side tables with drop down surfaces. This type of versatile furniture caters to modern space constraints without compromising on functionality.

Berre's Buy Ottoman

Sustainability – Nowadays, eco-friendly furnishings crafted from recycled materials and sustainable resources leave minimal ecological footprint. So, it is advisable to  reuse vintage and also checks environmental responsibility and saves costs.

Crafting a Minimalist Bedroom Retreat

If a clean, clutter-free living space represents your sense of tranquility, the minimalist bedroom aesthetic resonates. This aesthetic features neutral tones, ample breathing room and purposeful furnishing choices.

Follow these targeted specialists tips:

Beds - Choose low-profile platform Bed frames and muted linen upholstered headboards allowing walls and lighting to claim focus. 

Built-In Storage – Install modern custom cabinetry, shelving, drawers and closet organizing systems to conceal most belongings and clear floor space.

Neutral Color Scheme - Monochrome hues, white on white and muted natural wood tones maintain serenity while eliminating visual distractions. Cream, gray and tan punctuated by black and white make classic palettes. 

Multifunctional and Mobile Pieces - Furniture like movable open racks, compact nesting tables, ottomans, and floating wall shelves maximize utility and free up room.

Essential Accents – Practice decor restraint. Limit furniture accessories to a sculptural floor lamp, singular metallic wall art and lush potted plants for occasional visual interest without clutter.

Incorporating Natural Wood Furniture

The unique grains, carved details and polished sheen of natural wooden furniture infuse bedrooms with warmth and timelessness. Follow these creative integration tips:

Beds – Showcase ornately carved wooden headboards in darker tones against neutral walls for striking silhouettes. Match with wooden side tables. Platform beds allow highlighting of beautiful wood grains.  

Furniture Sets – Coordinated bedroom suites with matching nightstands, dressers, armoires and mirrors establish charming symmetry. Mix deep oak, cherry or mahogany with painted or marbled finishes.

Standalone Accents - Hand carved camphor or sandalwood chests, exotic root ball cocktail tables and live edge media consoles make worthy accent investments. Position near seating areas. 

Wooden Shelving – Wood framed wall mounted bookshelves, floating cabinets maintain clutter out of sight while introducing wood tones. Pick open racks to prevent heaviness.

Rustic Touches – Incorporate salvaged barn wood through accent walls or refurbished furniture like antique trunks and distressed cabinets for eclectic charm. Match with stone and raw metal accents.

Beautifully grained oak, sheesham or mango wood furniture never fails to saturate bedrooms with a welcoming spirit and inspire creativity. Choose sustainable sources to do your part for the environment too!

Invest Wisely in Modern Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture sets represent key investment pieces put through daily wear-and-tear over years. Here are tips for buying furniture online:

Quality Construction – Examine framework sturdiness, joint connections and hardware fittings. Opt for hardy solid wood over laminates or particleboard vulnerable to dents and scratches.  

Reputable Brands – Known manufacturer names like Berre Furniture uphold product performance promise over decades. This reputable furniture brand in Canada makes worthy investments even at premium price points, ensuring enduring service.

Fabrics Check – Assess fabric quality through parameters like GSM ratings, stain guard coatings and performance testing ratings against snags or rips.

Warranties – Extensive manufacturer warranties vouchsafe construction integrity, latest hardware and longtime support. 

Value Adds – Modern furniture technology like USB ports, adjustable bases, lighting, charging stations and device docks enhance relevance and daily living ease.

Although quality furniture for bedroom commands higher initial spending. But cost per use is greatly optimized through durability payoffs for wise homeowners. Protect your investment further through waterproof mattress covers and furniture polish maintenance twice annually.

Contact Berre Furniture for any product performance queries, whether its living room furniture or bedroom furniture, anytime!