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Does your dining room decor feel tired and dull? Are mismatched hand-me-down chairs crowding a table that's seen better days? Or maybe you have a tiny eat-in kitchen lacking style and functionality. 

Breathe new life into your dining space with coordinating furniture sets and decor updates tailored to your needs.

Read on for tips for modern dining room decor with some stylish new pieces fit for gatherings with family and friends. We'll cover ideas for big and small spaces, on-trend furniture finds, budget-friendly updates, and more! Follow our dining room makeovers with stylish sets to help stimulate your dining space.

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Assess Your Needs in Depth

Thoroughly evaluating how your dining space functions allows for the best furniture selections. Consider:

Usage Frequency

  • Daily dining: Opt for durable wood tables, scratch-resistant chairs, and stain-resistant fabrics able to withstand heavy use.
  • Occasional dining: Choose more delicate materials like glass, velvet, or intricate wood details for lightly used dining zones. Make a set with luxury dining chairs.

Space Limitations

  • Tiny dining nook or galley kitchen: Measure precisely to find slim rectangular or circular pedestal tables with backless bench seating suited for small footprints.
  • Open concept great room: Use area rugs, lighting, and decor to define a dining zone. Benefits? Surrounding space without crowding other functional areas.

Seating Capacity

  • Intimate two person breakfast nook: Compact circular table or slim rectangular table paired with two comfortable chairs allows for cozy private meals.
  • Full house holiday gatherings: Expansive wooden modern farmhouse dining table and long bench. It provides generous seating for large celebratory dinners.
  • Kid homework command center: Spacious rectangular table flanked by storage cabinetry accommodates schoolwork sessions.
  • Daily family meals: Durable, easy to clean finishes that withstand messes are key.

Overall Style Vision

Take cues from your existing home decor Canada when selecting dining furniture. The new pieces should coordinate seamlessly. Our experts have shared some amazing ideas: 

  • Boho abode: Woven rattan chairs, natural wood table with distressed finish, global textiles.
  • Modern lofty condo: Marble slab table, Eames molded chairs, sculptural pendants.
  • Traditional suburban home: Carved mahogany table set, upholstered seat dining chairs, chandelier.
  • Urban rustic dwelling: Reclaimed wood harvest table, black metal bistro chairs, factory cart buffet.

Carefully analyzing the unique needs, spatial parameters, purposes, and aesthetics of your individual dining situation. It allows you to design a cohesive furnishings layout tailored to your lifestyle.

Small Dining Space Ideas

Got a slim galley kitchen or petite dining nook? Find ways to maximize style in your micro footprint:

Benches Over Chairs: Benches with backless stools tuck neatly under tables to save serious space.

Round Tables: A circular pedestal table leaves room for foot traffic compared to bulky rectangles. 

Space-Saving Pieces: Look for tall, narrow cabinets, fold-down tables, and lean console buffets suited for tight spaces.

Multi-use Furniture: Opt for a counter height table that can double as a kitchen island or desk. Stylish and efficient!

When working with a small dining spot, seek out furniture explicitly designed for petite and narrow layouts.

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Furniture Arrangement Tips 

For a modern dining room decor, furniture placement impacts traffic flow and visual appeal. Keep these tips in mind:

Floating Effect: Pull pieces slightly away from perimeter walls. Complete separation makes rooms appear larger. 

Boundaries: Use an area rug or overhead lighting to define the dining zone within a kitchen or living room. 

Focal Point: Angle the table to face all lines of sight towards an architectural feature like a window or fireplace. 

Scale & Space: Allow at least 32 inches around seating areas for knee clearance and passage. Size down with a circular table.  

Be sure to measure thoroughly and experiment with configurations. Adjustable furnishings make it easy to find your perfect layout.

Dining Room Furniture Trends

Looking for inspiration to upgrade your current dining situation?
Recommended by our interior designer Sarah, here are some of-the-moment styles:

Mid Century Modern

This 1950s throwback style features clean lines and sculptural silhouettes in warm, natural wood tones. Layer in sleek Canadian dining chairs, an architectural hutch, and acrylic accent chair for retro appeal. 

Urban Industrial

Exposed brick walls and concrete floors provide an edgy canvas for rugged wood plank tables and bold black frames. Tolix-style chairs or stools add factory flair.

Glam & Marble

For a serious wow factor, go for gorgeous marble, brass, velvet and glass. A dramatic dining table set anchored by a bold marble slab table top provides luxe texture, shape and shine. Glitzy Hollywood Regency-inspired chairs amp up drama and allure.


Keep it simple but sleek. Opt for a streamlined smoked glass table runway anchored by earthy wood Danish chairs in muted tones. Crisp white Thonet bentwood chairs also pair nicely for understated refinement. 

In addition to the Mid Century Modern, Industrial, Glamorous, and Minimalist sets, here are more specific on-trend styles worth considering:

Scandinavian Minimalism

 Epitomized by light colors like white and natural wood paired with simplistic silhouettes and clean lines. 

Japandi Style

This fusion between Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality. It features organic shapes, tactile textures, and a calming, balanced palette of light woods, gray, black, cream, and walnut. Incorporate rattan seating, sloped leg tables, and earthy ceramics.

Hollywood Regency 

Recall the mid century era of old Hollywood with glitzy fronts. Tufted velvet dining chairs, bold graphic prints, metallic accents, lucite furniture pieces, and impactful sculpture add modern drama.

Farmhouse Chic

Embrace cottagecore coziness with weathered wood plank tables, whitewashed cabinets fitted with wire basket storage, checkered tablecloths, and carved wood bench seating with floral upholstered chair cushions.

Use these specific examples as thought starters as you search for the perfect on-trend dining set to match your personal style preferences.

Mix & Match Pieces

No need to buy a complete matching dining set. We are here to guide you, mixing coordinating individual pieces allows for curated personality. Follow these mixing methods:

Vary Heights

Combine standard height dining chairs with counter stools and a tall storage buffet anchored by a mid-sized table. Mismatched heights add dimension.

Textures & Tones

Weave together wood chairs, a marble topped table, and velvet seat cushions in corresponding hues. Play with complementary textures. 

Era Mixing

A contemporary glass table can still work nicely with vintage carved chairs. Or match a modern bench and sleek credenza with a farmhouse style reclaimed wood table.

Aim for Cohesion

Furnishings may not match, but ensure there is a thoughtful flow. Keep to one color scheme or finish. Repeat design elements like arched chair backs or tapered legs. 

In addition to above mentioned ideas, consider the following as well:

Contrasting Shapes

Combine round pedestal table bases with square dining chairs. Square chairs tucked under a rounded table contrast nicely. Play with shape variations.

Organic & Geometric

The combination of clean lines with fluid outlines creates visual interest. Try pairing spare contemporary chairs with a circular branch-inspired table base or wooden wave table shape.

Matte & Shine

Contrast ultra modern glossy lacquered tabletops with matte finishes like linen or concrete on accompanying cabinetry. Or vice versa - pair a matte solid wood dining surface with high-shine mirrored or metallic chairs.

Intricate & Solid

Mixing ornate detailing with simple slab furniture prevents heaviness. An engraved dining hutch balances a thick marble dining table. Carved cabriole chairs lighten up chunky waterfall tables.

When curating your own mix and match dining furnishings, get creative with contrasting and complementary shapes, sheens, carvings, and negative space. The options for self-expression are endless!

Decor Accents

After selecting structural furnishings, layer in accents to personalize your style:


Rugs anchor spaces and allow you to introduce color/pattern. A bright Moroccan rug underfoot or fluffy shag rug pads seats with cozy texture. 


Display stunning canvas prints, wall hanging plates, or gallery walls showcasing cherished pieces above the dining table or surrounding buffet area.  


Bring living texture into the mix with planter boxes, small potted trees, hanging air plants in macrame, and gorgeous floral centerpieces.

Tabletop Touches

 Experiment with decorative table runners, chic placemats, ceramic vases, and candle holders to dress tablescapes.

Take time embellishing with layers of accents that make your dining zone uniquely you.

Lighting Ideas 

Don't forget about ambience enhancing lighting:

Overhead Fixtures

 Make a style statement with an eye-catching pendant light or glittering mid century chandelier centered precisely over your table.


 Mount adjustable swing arm sconces or sleek LED strips to walls for additional task lighting. Useful for illuminating buffet spread areas.  

Under Cabinet

 Under Cabinet lighting strips cast a helpful glow onto countertop workstations within eat-in kitchens.  

Table Lamps

 Direct small accent lamps into particularly dark corners around the perimeter of the space. Layer ambient fills from table lamps and floor lamps.  

Proper illumination transforms the whole vibe of your dining zone from drab to fab.

Style for Small Budgets

Looking fabulous doesn't require breaking the bank. Try these budget-friendly ideas:

DIY Updates

 Give existing pieces new life with repairs and a fresh coat of paint in on-trend hues. Distressed finishes are also in.  

Thrift Store Finds

Shop second hand stores and online auctions for unique antique dining, china cabinets, and ornamental carts full of charm. 


Flexible rent-to-own furniture stores allow you to try pieces with the option to buy or return long term. Useful for temporary spaces.

Multipurpose Furnishings

Opt for a standard height dining table that can convert to a desk or expand to seat more when needed. 

Follow these tips for buying furniture online and transform your dining room without overextending your wallet.

Final Takeaways

The right dining furniture revitalizes your space for better form and function. Use our guide dining room makeovers with stylish sets to help you:

The right dining furniture revitalizes your space for better form and function. Use our guide dining room makeovers with stylish sets to help you:

  • Assess how you use your dining space
  • Play with small dining space ideas
  • Strategically arrange pieces  
  • Look for dining room furniture trends
  • Mix textures, eras and heights
  • Incorporate beautiful accents
  • Illuminate with ample lighting 
  • Refresh your style affordably

Cheers to dining spaces made stylish with cohesive new sets fit for feasting, fun and connection around the table.

With your fresh dining furniture picks, your space is sure to provide an uplifting backdrop for cherished memories. Discover more ways with Berre Furniture Online to style your perfect dining oasis!

Buy with a smile!