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Home decor specially styling the living room - oh my! Do you ever walk into your living room and feel overwhelmed trying to figure out the best furniture layout?

Where's the TV supposed to go?
What about the couch - against the wall or floating in the room?
Should you angle the chairs or line them up? So. Many. Questions!

Not to worry, we've got you covered. In this handy guide, we'll walk through all the insider tips and tricks about how to arrange living room furniture like a pro.

Measure the Room and Create a Floorplan

Before choosing any furniture, take detailed measurements of your living room space. Make sure to measure wall to wall, as well as openings, doorways, fireplaces or any other fixed elements in the room.

Sketch out a simple floor plan to use for furniture arrangement. This will help you visualize layouts accurately with the measurements scaled.

When ordering furniture online, this will also ensure that any pieces you select will fit properly within the room. Having detailed dimensions is the key.

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Establish Focal Points

Most living rooms benefit from one or two focal points. This could be the TV viewing area, a cozy sitting space around the fireplace, an eye-catching piece of art on the wall or a reading nook by the window.

Plan your main furniture pieces like sofas or sectionals around these key focal points that will dictate the function of the space. Complement them with end tables, floor lamps, rugs and other accents.

Add Stylish Seating with Armchairs for Conversations

A common living room layout is to angle furniture towards each other to promote conversation.

Incorporate armchairs facing sofas or around a coffee table to create an intimate seating area for conversation. Play with different shapes, styles and pairings.

Make sure there is enough room around pieces for plan flow when moving through the space. You generally want at least 36-48 inches between furniture for comfortable circulation.


Stella Armchairs

Arrange Furniture For Natural Flow

Determine what functional needs your living room must serve, which can range from media viewing, game playing, entertaining guests, reading Books or simply casual conversation. 

Look for essential furniture pieces to serve these needs like media consoles, coffee tables, ottomans, side tables, bar carts, sofa beds or storage ottomans when furnishing the space.

Add Visual Interest with Accents

Once your major furniture pieces are in place, don’t forget the stylistic importance of décor accents. Tables like console tables are great for filling visual gaps while also providing function. 


Consider adding architectural elements like mirrors above consoles or large scale art on focal walls. Stylish lighting like lamps also add ambiance. Top accents with books, vases, candles and other decor. Our interior designer at Berre Furniture suggests following ideas:

Utilize Functional Ottoman with Storage

Storage ottomans maximize space while providing seating and storage. Style them as tables or footrests.

Serve Up Style with Bar Carts

Bar carts are great for holding barware while adding a fun, stylish accent. Style them with accessories and roll to where needed.

Pull Up a Seat with Bar Stools

Take advantage of buying bar stools online and  add casual seating to counters and island. Lots of style options exist - choose height and design to suit your space.

Allow for Adequate Walkways

When arranging furniture, be sure to leave enough space for people to comfortably walk through the room. Pathways that are too narrow can make the layout feel cluttered and cramped.

As a general rule, walkways should be at least three feet wide. Measure out your floor plan with this in mind, leaving breathing room around and between furniture groupings. Entryways need more space.

Angle Furniture and Incorporate Round Shapes 

Avoid placing too many furniture pieces flat against the walls, which can make the layout feel stagnant and closed off. Instead, angle furniture away from the walls to create a more dynamic feel.

Embody round coffee tables, oval ottomans or curved sectional sofas to soften the room’s shape as well. Circular furniture breathes life into boxy rectangular living rooms.

Beautiful Coffee table

Layer Lighting Elements

Do not rely solely on overhead ceiling fixtures to light your living room. 

Layer in task lighting like stylish table lamps, sconces or floor lamps. This provides ambiance while also letting you highlight focal points.

Backlight media consoles and artwork with LED strips. Use candlelight or string lights for a cozy glow. Dimming capabilities help set the desired mood.

Choose Complementary Furniture Pieces

When selecting living room furniture, make sure your choices complement each other in terms of size, shape, color palette and style. Nothing should look or feel randomly placed.

For example, pair sleek modern chairs with a contemporary sofa and glass coffee table. Or blend natural wood end tables with an earthy sectional and jute rug. A consistent design scheme ties the furnishings together.

Arrange Seating Areas with Love seat & Sofa bed

Rather than cramming as much furniture as possible into the living room, think about creating defined seating areas or spaces. For example, float a loveseat by a sunny window for reading. Set two wingback chairs by the fireplace for conversation. 

Place sofa beds to create intimate nooks and spaces within the room for certain activities or get-togethers. Arrange these groupings around focal points but allow room to circulate.

Add Beauty with Wall Hangings

Do not limit furniture just to the floor. Consider wall-mounted shelves or space-saving shelves over sofas to hold books, plants and decoration pieces. Mount flat screen TVs over media tables and use the tabletop below.

Hang wall art, mirrors or macrame above furniture groupings. Install sconces or pendant lights overhead as well. Utilize vertical planes.

Adjust and Perfect the Layout

Do not be afraid to move furniture around as you are arranging! 

Push pieces against the wall and pull them out to visualize flow. Move items to different spots until the layout clicks.

Be willing to remove clutter or furniture that is not working. Start with the bigger items and build around them. Step back periodically to identify adjustments needed to perfect the living room layout. 

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Creating a well-appointed living room through smart furniture arrangement allows you to maximize both form and function.

How to arrange living room furniture is no more a mystery! Follow these expert tips to choose complementary pieces tailored to your needs and style them effectively.

When it comes time to buy furniture online in Canada, look for quality furniture from top retailers that promise style with affordability. Stores like Berre furnish living rooms with great selections of Turkish furniture, European furniture, Middle Eastern, and Italian. All available to conveniently shop and ship directly to your home.

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