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What You’ll Find In this Article:

  • Living Room Decoration Ideas
  • Right Christmas Tree Placement
  • Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture 
  • Strategize Furniture Arrangement
  • Use Layered Holiday Decor
  • Light up Your Space
  • Make Use of Vertical Spaces
  • Pick a Christmas Theme
  • Final Tips for Holiday Styling

Deck the Halls: Christmas Decorations for Small Living Rooms

The holidays are fast approaching - which means it's time to start decorating! 

Is your small living room ready for Christmas? Do you look around your cozy space and wonder how you'll possibly fit in a tree, presents, and all the merry trimmings? Do visions of decorating for Christmas leave you more stressed than filled with comfort and joy?

You're not alone! Many people with petite living rooms struggle to create a festive atmosphere for the holidays. 

But have no fear - we are here to share a secret with you to maximize cheer and holiday style in your small living room this Christmas.

The secret is thoughtful planning and a few decorating tricks. With the right strategies, you can easily transform your cozy living room into a magical winter wonderland. Read on for our top tips on small living room designs.

Love seat

Right Christmas Tree Placement

Tabletop Trees 

These miniature trees, ranging from 1-3 feet tall, are ideal for small spaces. Set them on an end table, console table, or mantle for holiday charm. Go for a classic green or get creative with a pink, white, or flocked tabletop tree.

Console tables

Slim Trees

Slim or pencil Christmas trees are narrower than typical trees, with a slim profile of around 24-30 inches across. Look for slim firs and pines in the 5 to 6 foot range. Position them in a corner to save space.

Potted Trees

Skip the stand and go for a living, potted Christmas tree. Rotate it to fit in narrow spots and you can replant it after the holidays. Potted trees are typically around 2-4 feet tall.

Hanging Trees

Defy tradition by hanging your tree from the ceiling or wall! Hanging trees come in designs like upside down trees, floating tree shapes, or standard trees on a hanging base. Use one to free up valuable floor area.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to decorate your small-space tree to the nines. Go all out with tinsel, lights, and ornaments galore. Your Christmas tree deserves to be the star of your living room!

Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture 

Make every piece of furniture really work for its spot in your small living room. Seek out multifunctional furnishings that can pull double or triple duty as both decor and storage.

Ottomans & Benches

Ottomans with lift-up lids or storage inside are ideal for tucking away spare blankets and holiday décor when not in use. Entryway benches give you a place to take off snowy boots - then store mittens and hats inside.

U Ottoman

 Reclining Chairs & Sofas

Choose compact reclining chairs or love seat sofas to maximize seating while minimizing floor space. Bonus if they have storage arms or lift-up consoles.

Nesting & Stackable Tables

Nesting tables stash neatly under each other but can be pulled out as extra surfaces. Stackable side tables also condense down and can be configured to fit your space.

Dual-Purpose Décor

Use decorative pieces that serve as décor and storage. Trunk coffee tables, decorative chests, or ottomans with lids keep items out of sight but close at hand.

By incorporating either Italian furniture or European furniture, you can cut down on clutter while gaining extra storage and style.

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Strategize Furniture Arrangement 

How you arrange your living room furniture makes a huge impact in a small space. Try these living room decoration ideas to open up floor space and improve room flow:

Push it to the perimeter

 Place bulky items like sofas, chairs, shelves, and entertainment centers along the walls, boundaries, and corners. This frees up valuable floor space.

Angle it

Arranging furniture diagonally seems counterintuitive but can actually help in a small room. Angle chairs, sofas, and shelves to open up walking paths and give you more flexibility.


Go Light

Choose lightweight, movable furniture like side chairs over bulky armchairs and loveseats. Opt for an easily moved sofa on legs rather than a chunky sectional. You want to be able to shift pieces around.

Remove Excess Furnishings

Be choosy about each item you put in your living room. Skip the oversized coffee table and opt for a petite accent table or two that can be moved easily.

Take time to try different configurations to find what works best. Adjusting your furniture layout can instantly make your space feel more open.

Use Layered Holiday Decor

When it comes to holiday décor in a small living room, take a layered, less-is-more approach. Build up your décor in stages for a warm, inviting look:

Layer 1—Greenery: Start with timeless evergreen accents. Hang a fresh wreath up front and center. Drape garlands atop your mantle and stair railings. Tuck sprigs of undecorated pine branches into vases and bowls. Allow the organic greens to shine.

Layer 2—Ribbons & Florals: Next, add in gorgeous reds and festive florals. Wind crimson ribbon around banisters, wreaths, and tree branches. Display Christmas blooms like poinsettias, amaryllis, and Christmas cactus.

Layer 3—Ornaments & Details:  Now meticulously decorate your perfect Christmas tree. Sprinkle in beloved ornaments, strings of lights, and special touches. Set out a matching tree skirt or vintage sleigh at its base. 

Layer 4—Timeless Touches: Finally, build out timeless holiday details. Light candles, stack classic books, and display snowy villages. Add in Santa figurines, plush reindeer, nutcrackers and nostalgic, handmade crafts.

By gradually layering décor items, you can achieve a styled holiday look even in the most congested living rooms.

Light up Your Space

Nothing says Christmas like twinkling lights! Adding strands of fairy lights throughout your small living room instantly amps up holiday magic.

Outline with lights

Use lights to trace windows, doors, and architectural details. Outline the tops of bookshelves, fireplace mantels, and cabinetry for brilliance.

Wrap the Tree

Your Christmas tree simply must be covered in lights! Go classic with all-white or multicolor strands. Opt for energy-efficient LEDs.

Plants & Greenery

Encircle wreaths, garlands, and any holiday greenery in a glow of lights. Tuck string lights into the branches of potted evergreens.

Add Accents

Wrap stair railings, candle votives, vases, and banisters in light strands. Place luminaries along pathways, countertops, and shelves.

Go Crazy

When it comes to Christmas lights, don't be afraid to pile them on. The more you add, the cozier your living room will feel. It's the perfect way to brighten and amplify holiday spirit.

Make Use of Vertical Spaces

When decorating a small living room, remember to look up! Use vertical spaces and unexpected areas to add extra holiday style:

  • Hang plush stockings from the mantle, stairs, walls, or banisters using decorative hooks.
  • Adhere wreaths, garlands, and ribbon to the walls and doorways using removable strips or Command hooks.
  • Place a mini Christmas tree on a console table, desktop, or shelf surface.
  • Cluster glass globe ornaments in a glass bowl or on wall shelves.
  • Line a stairway or fireplace with potted poinsettias or Christmas trees. 
  • Arrange pinecones, candles, and holiday tchotchkes up bookshelves and on floating wall shelves.
  • Hang an ornate mirror overhead to reflect light and give the illusion of more space.

By decorating up, down, and all around, you make every inch of your small living room merry and bright.

Pick a Christmas Theme

Does your perfect holiday vibe skew modern, rustic, or traditional? Pick a style of Christmas decor and stick with it. Having décor centered around a coherent theme prevents your space from feeling cluttered.

Some festive style ideas for small living rooms include:

Traditional Christmas

Awe the halls with classic red, green, and gold. Display vintage Santas, nutcrackers, and a nostalgic wooden sleigh overflowing with wrapped gifts. Accent with plaid, pine cones, and velvet bows for timeless holiday elegance.

Rustic Christmas

Embrace burlap, twine, and distressed wood for a cozy, down-home style. Incorporate antlers, pine branches, and folksy handmade crafts. Display a rustic snowy village and ornament wreath for charming farmhouse charm.

Glitz & Glam Christmas

Go all-out gorgeous with metallic, sparkle, crystal, and velvet. Adorn your space in wintry whites and silvers offset with brilliant jewel tones. Arrange glassy ornaments on your tree and deck it in silver tinsel. Luxe accents like faux fur and geo candle holders add glamor.

Woodland Christmas

Surround yourself in nature with a woodland-inspired look. Incorporate fuzzy owls, wood slices, pine cones, and forest critters. Opt for flocked or woodsy trees with pinecone ornaments. Wrap gifts in brown kraft paper and natural jute twine for organic appeal.

No matter which style speaks to you, sticking to a theme helps keep décor neat, organized, and not overwhelming in a small living room.

Final Tips for Holiday Styling

With a dose of creativity and touch of holiday magic, your small living room can feel spacious and special this Christmas. Here are our top tips on how to decorate a small living room for Christmas one last time:

  • Pick the right slim, compact Christmas tree for your space
  • Choose efficient, multifunctional furniture  
  • Play with furniture arrangement to open up floor space
  • Build up décor in thoughtful layers
  • Make the most of vertical storage and surfaces
  • Embrace the glow of Christmas lights
  • Stick to a cohesive theme for your accents
  • Delight in festive floral embellishments

Most importantly, remember that Christmas decorations should spark joy and set the stage for time with loved ones. Don't stress the details - just relax and enjoy making your small living room merry and bright! Wishing you a warm, cozy, and wonder-filled holiday season.