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Canada is known for its beautiful forests and lush woodlands. This makes it an ideal place to source high-quality solid wood furniture, perfect for outfitting your dining room in style. From sleek modern tables to timeless rustic pieces, you find a variety of dining room furniture in Canada.

We are going to dive deeper into popular modern dining set styles found across Canada, including glass, metal, reclaimed wood, and lacquer varieties. We'll then explore classic solid wood options like oak, walnut, and maple furniture handcrafted by expert artisans.

Design inspiration for contemporary dining rooms will be provided, with tips for blending styles, adding color, and defining space. Additional details for customers researching dining sets and where to buy furniture online Canada-wide.

Modern Dining Table Sets Across Canada

When it comes to the best extendable dining table, Canada has no shortage of trendy and contemporary options to choose from. Clean lines, gleaming surfaces, and minimalist silhouettes make a bold style statement in open concept living areas.

Nehir Dining table

"Canada's market for kitchen tables and dining furniture is currently driven by a growing preference for sleek, modern designs." (Statista)

Modern Glass and Metal Dining Sets

For a lightweight and airy aesthetic, glass and metal dining sets are an excellent modern choice. Mixing materials creates visual interest, with transparent glass or smoky gray tint topping sleek stainless steel or rose gold bases.

These modern dining table options like NEVA work beautifully in contemporary homes and industrial loft-style spaces.

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wooden Tables  

Eco-conscious consumers will love the look of reclaimed wood dining tables of different styles. By repurposing old barn beams, railwood ties, wine barrels, and other materials, each table has a completely unique history and character.

A reclaimed wood surface adds natural beauty and an organic shape to any modern extendable dining space.

Railwood dining table

Timeless Solid Wood Dining Table Set

Beyond modern materials and silhouettes, solid wood furniture introduces a sense of enduring style into dining rooms in major cities like Ottawa, Toronto, and Hamilton.

Classic Oak Dining Tables and Chairs

Known for its subtle grain patterns and lighter coloration, oak is a sought-after solid wood for modern furniture in Ottawa, Toronto’s surrounding regions, and beyond.

Whether in a Middle Eastern carved style or stripped-back mid-century form, oak dining sets always lend a relaxed and inviting ambiance with their inherent warmth.

Rich Walnut Finishes from Turkish Furniture Makers 

For dining rooms with a bit more drama and flair, walnut immediately captivates with its chocolatey brown tones and flowing grain. With artisanal attention to detail, Turkish furniture makers carefully craft walnut tables and dining room chairs to allow the wood’s striking figuring to take center stage.

The richness pairs perfectly with both classic and contemporary spaces.

Akira dining room chairs by berre furniture

Ethically Sourced Rustic Maple Furniture

The demand for rustic farmhouse dining tables is on the rise in Canada, reflecting the country's preference for cozy and traditional home decor. (Statista)

With its creamy white color and subtle brown patterning, maple wood makes a light and casual foundation for dining sets destined for cottages or round dining nooks.

Often designed with gently turned legs, carved corners, and platforms for expansion leaves. The rustic charm of maple constructed furniture in villages by Turkish artisans is always in style across the provinces.

Design Inspiration for Canadian Dining Rooms

Regardless of if your tastes are very modern or traditional, dining rooms across Canada’s major city centers incorporate stunning furniture in creative ways.

Blending Contemporary and Classic Elements 

Many homeowners are blending modern figures with organic, nature-inspired touches and materials for a uniquely livable dining space. A sleek lacquered table feels welcoming with the addition of traditionally carved oak chairs in a light finish.

Modern materials like glass, metal, or MDF balance beautifully with legs, frames, or accent surfaces of real wood.

Adding Visual Interest with Color

While natural wood finishes have dominated dining rooms for decades, don’t be afraid to liven up the space with color.  

From all-over tone-on-tone blue, green, or gray stained wood sets to pops of color with upholstered seating, painted bases, or colorful glass tabletops. Today’s top Turkish furniture in Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton make a colorful dining room achievable.

Defining Spaces with Dining Furniture

Contemporary open floor plans may lack defined boundaries between living, dining, and kitchen areas. Strategically place dining sets to delineate different zones without totally separating the spaces.

A stunning dining environment instantly becomes the focal point, especially when paired with a spectacular light fixture overhead.

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