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When buying furniture in Canada, you have two main options - purchasing your furniture online or shopping at a retail store. With the rise of ecommerce, buying furniture online in Canada has become increasingly popular.

Thanks to benefits like price and selection. However, visiting a physical furniture store still has some unique advantages that online shopping may lack.

In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast buying furniture online vs in store Canada-wide so you can determine the best furniture purchase method for your needs and style.

Key Factors to Compare

When deciding where to buy furniture in Canada, some key factors to consider include:

  • Price - Furniture prices can vary greatly between online and retail stores
  • Product range - The range of furniture available differs between online and offline 
  • Try before you buy - Physical stores allow you to test furniture before purchasing
  • Delivery - How and when furniture is delivered depends on if you buy online or in-store
  • Quality control - The ability to inspect furniture quality differs for online & offline stores  
  • Return policies - The ease of returns is a completely different game for furniture bought online vs in stores

Key Factors to Compare online vs in store furniture buying

We’ll now dive deeper into each factor to understand the pros and cons of both online and retail furniture shopping.

Let’s start with buying furniture in stores pros cons first.

Buying Furniture in Stores Pros

Shopping for home furnishings in traditional brick-and-mortar showrooms and retailers has some unique upsides:

Test Furniture Before Buying

One major benefit of purchasing Canadian furniture at retail stores is the ability to personally test out products before buying. This is especially helpful given how difficult it can be to determine scale, comfort, and durability of furniture from photos alone.

Being able to physically sit on a couch, lie down on a mattress, and open drawers allows you to evaluate important factors like size, comfort, and functionality.

Immediate Ownership 

Another advantage of buying furniture at a store is that you can take it home with you right away. Rather than waiting days or even weeks for delivery, walking out of the store with your new couch or bed means you get to enjoy your purchase sooner.

In-Person Expert Design Advice

The sales associates at furniture stores can provide personalized guidance on selecting pieces that fit your space and style. Getting expert design advice in real time can simplify what furniture to choose and how to decorate your living room.

There’s no surprise why ecommerce trend is going up with each passing year. The number of people shopping online in Canada went up from 73% in 2018 to 82% in 2020. In 2022, over 27 million Canadians shopped online.

According to Statista, the revenue from online sales was $70.9 billion in Canada in 2022. The revenue is expected to grow to over $100 billion by 2026.

Purchasing Canadian Furniture Retail Disadvantages

However, purchasing furniture at brick-and-mortar retailers also has some potential downsides compared to shopping online:

Higher Prices

One of the biggest disadvantages of buying furniture at retail stores is the tendency for higher prices compared to online furniture retailers. Because offline stores have higher overhead costs related to rent, staffing and inventory, those costs get passed onto customers through higher prices.

Furniture prices in stores are often at least 20-30% higher for comparable items online.

Limited Selection

Physical furniture showrooms have restricted space to display inventory, so the variety is narrower compared to the vast selection available at online furniture stores. If you have specific tastes or are searching for a unique style, retail stores may not have options to suit your preferences.

Pressure from Salespeople

Some people feel discomfort or pressure when sales associates hover around them while viewing products in furniture stores. Online shopping provides a lower-pressure experience to take time comparing options.

Inconvenient Hours and Locations  

Driving to a furniture retail location during work hours is not always feasible. Online furniture shopping allows you to buy from anywhere, anytime. And buyers outside major cities may not have a furniture store nearby.

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, 82% of Canadians still prefer to buy their furniture in stores (Canadian Statistics)

Benefits of Buying Furniture Online in Canada

Purchasing furniture from an ecommerce website provides some advantages that in-store shopping can lack:

Lower Prices

Online furniture stores tend to offer the lowest prices since they have lower overhead expenses by not operating physical showrooms. The cost savings get passed down to customers, with furniture prices generally 10-30% cheaper online.

Larger Furniture Selection

Ecommerce retailers aren’t limited by floor space, giving them the ability to offer a vast range of furniture in different styles. Canadian online furniture stores provide access to hundreds of brands and thousands of furniture options to fit any budget.

Convenient Shopping Experience  

The ability to shop for furniture online 24/7 from anywhere provides flexibility and convenience that in-store shopping lacks. You can hunt for the perfect couch on your lunch break or compare cribs while watching TV without needing to travel.

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Depth of Information Through Reviews

In addition to detailed product descriptions and specs, online customer reviews give helpful first-hand feedback on the quality, durability, comfort, and other aspects to help guide your buying decision.Berre Furniture reviews

Potential Disadvantages of Ordering Furniture Online in Canada

However, furniture shopping online isn’t perfect. There are some drawbacks to consider:

Can’t Test Before Buying

One major downside of purchasing furniture online without seeing it first is the inability to personally try it out. While product descriptions provide dimensions and materials, it's tough to judge important factors like comfort and workmanship solely from photos. 

Wait Times for Delivery 

While in-store furniture purchases can be taken home right away, home delivery typically takes several days to weeks when ordering online. For custom-made pieces, the wait can be up to eight weeks.

Harder Returns and Exchanges

Returning a defective or damaged piece of furniture purchased online tends to be more difficult compared to taking it back to a local store. While most Canadian online furniture companies like Berre Furniture do accept returns and will arrange pick-ups, eliminating the hassle part.

Conclusion - Shopping Real Stores VS Internet Furniture

When deciding about buying furniture online vs in store in Canada, weighing the pros and cons of both scenarios can simplify the retail sales dilemma. While brick-and-mortar retailers allow you to evaluate furniture quality and comfort before buying. The steep discounts and vast selection of ecommerce furniture stores make ordering online an attractive option.

For most Canadians, combining both online research along with visits to some local furniture stores may be the ideal approach. Especially when it comes time to shop for couches, beds, dressers and more. 

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